Deep Analysis & Metric Reporting

Analyze Marketing Channels & Generate Higher ROIs

Digital marketing can report clearly on each channel, who visits it and how much your investment is gaining. Thinkcube’s experts can constantly review these reports and provide a deeper analysis of the marketing channels which are yielding the most value to your brand. Our systems stream data from multiple sources into marketing dashboards allowing for team-based analysis of even the smallest factors.

Create or Correct Your Lead Attribution Models

Marketing happens across all screens now. How can you tell what ad lead to which action on your website? Thinkcube’s understands lead attribution and can construct, or refine, your business’ current attribution model, thus allowing for increased clarity on which digital marketing campaign leads to best sales leads.

Enhance Your Broadcast Media Buying Spends

Refine Marketing Strategies Based On Actual Data

Thinkcube’s experts review in detail each campaign and reveal new insights such as:

  • Which type of marketing generates the highest ROI?
  • How to effectively spend to reach the most amount of prospects?
  • Why did campaign A work and campaign B did not?
  • What are my most profitable segments?
  • Where are my sales leads coming from?

Automate Reporting On Marketing Spends
& Marketing Success

Chart details on your digital marketing campaign’s success and stay on top of changes in the
market, your spends and your engagement rates with Thinkcube.

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