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Increase Your Company's Exposure on Google Adwords

Increase Your Company's Exposure on Google Adwords

When prospects search for a business like yours whether they are on a computer or a mobile device, you have a chance to present your information to them in a prominent way with the help of AdWords. Your ads are served to them at the precise moment that matters, which is the essence of Google AdWords advertising.

Next time your prospect searches on, will it be your ad they’ll see? Or your competitors?

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advanced form of advertising, allowing to not only serve ads on-demand when a prospect is searching for you, it collects an abundance of additional information crucial for decision making in any business, service- or product-oriented. AdWords ads offer advanced features like various extensions to your site, business hours, service catalogues, call buttons and more. Internet advertising is growing year over year, as business that use it continue to get value and come back to it every year. See industry growth chart below:

Internet ad revenue trends 2005-2014 ($ billions)

15.6% growth from 2013 to 2014
Source: IAB/PwC Internet Ad Revenue Report, FY 2014

As the Google AdWords platform is always growing and updating, it is important to keep up with new feature release and to optimize AdWords campaigns daily. Whether your business goal is to reach mobile app customers the the goal of in-app sales, or to generate home service leads across desktop and mobile devices; serving text ads or image and video formats, we can help. Thinkcube offers a full range of expertise, placing your business ads in front of relevant queries with Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping campaigns. We are a certified and badged Google Partner.

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Hands-Free Google Adwords Management

Google AdWords ads are the most efficient way of internet marketing, allowing to track and attribute reach and click performance to known search intent. We help clients set up campaign goals, report and optimize performance, as well as perform performance audits of in-house or outsourced Google AdWords management efforts.

Get in touch with Thinkcube to tap into years of collective experience we offer in digital marketing strategy, social and search engine advertising, front and back end web development, graphic design, video production and traditional marketing.