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What is Local Search (SEO)?

In a two-algorithm world of 2016, optimizing website to search engine bots while optimizing to users at the same time brings local SEO in focus more than ever before. When users see local relevance they click through and stick around to read your content, that is when local businesses win the SEO battle against the giants of the internet. While publishing unsurmountable amounts of content is not an option for small businesses, local SEO optimization is.

Decades of Experience

If you’re wondering what it takes to optimize to Search Engines, you’ve come to the right place. We offer decades of collective experience and expertise not only in front and back-end web development, but Google Partnership as an Official City Partner helping to answer local search engine optimization woes, applying implications of shifting algorithm goals to practical experiences for your customers. Our team of search engine experts are able to highlight and correct local seo errors, craft a winning local search strategy all while extending your business' local reach.

How Can Local SEO Help?

It is important for businesses serving local customers at a brick and mortar location to establish trust, relay the extend of local focus, exhibit healthy link profile and capitalize on reviews.

We help businesses to approach this rather extensive undertaking meticulously and track local SEO success.

While organic optimization can take months and sometimes years to achieve, local SEO is the basic minimum for any local business, Google AdWords advertising allows you to achieve top Search Page exposure in the most speedy fashion and offers advertisers with additional options to further your business information on Google Search Engine, which commands 7 out of every searches in the United States as of 2015. The only requirement for a business that wants to use Google AdWords is to have a website, and PPC is the fastest way to achieve prominent position on Search Engine Results Page - SERPs, while targeting relevant traffic on search engines as illustrated in the example below:

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How To Get Optimized for Local SEO

Displaying your business info at the top of a page served to specific search queries from your prospects has been fueling growth for many of our customers. We offer an integrated approach to Google AdWords, Local SEO, overall Search Engine Optimization and more. Fill out the form on this page to learn how Thinkcube services can help on the path of your business’ growth!

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