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Are you investing in the right marketing channels? Stacking investment in the order of best ROI? Thinkcube will figure out where you need to double down on what works, and where you need to pull back. Whether you have been advertising on TV, pushing non-paid Facebook content sprinkled with ads, spending on Google AdWords or traveling heavily to every industry show, we can help figuring out what has worked, and how best prioritize the choice of your marketing practices and activities to move your products and services to the point of consumption.

Here is an Example:

If your company’s biggest producing channel acquisition cost per lead is $250, while you customer net lifetime value is $2,000. Do you turn profit on those customers?

The Answer

It answer depends on the closing rate and the referral values your product or service generates. If your closing rate on this particular channel leads is 10%, then you are generating un-profitable leads via the channel in question. If at least 20% of those leads refer 2 others on average, your channel is wildly profitable. Throw in the cross-channel marketing and attribution of lead generation between online, mobile, in-store and other offline marketing techniques, and you get more moving parts needed to be tracked with the help of Analytical platforms like Google Analytics and Google AdWords and sometimes with the help of custom-created code and API connection.

Thinkcube will help determine which channels generate value for your business, and which ones are best to avoid. We will compute cross channel attribution and devise a clear roadmap to profits.

Thinkcube’s marketing strategy audit will not only help you determine how profitable is every one of your marketing efforts, it will also help understand how you stack against best practices for your industry and against your competitors in particular. It is a complex task, best performed by outsourced entity like thinkcube that will have no stake in the game. In addition, you want experts knowing what it takes to execute each marketing practice and what the real cost of things is. Marketing Strategy Audit by thinkcube will not only help determine what works, it will offer an informed and clear roadmap to maximizing ROI with every channel at your disposal. Get in touch with us today, to learn more.

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